“Laurie has been handling my bookkeeping, bill paying, rebilling and verifying various charges for the past ten (10) years. Prior to putting her in charge I spent so much time doing business that I neglected taking care of business. Bills were paid late, accounts receivables were neglected and record keeping was done on an annual basis, just before I had to file my income tax. I was paying late charges even when I had monies to pay my bills on time. Charges were getting by me that I was not responsible for.

With her guidance and assistance I have been able to do business and take care of business at the same time. She has probably saved me more money than she cost.

I would highly recommend her company for whatever bookkeeping services you might need. She calls when she knows its time to come in, arrives promptly and works highly efficiently. She requires little or no guidance. She has been a God send.”

—Walter J. Kloss
Kloss Appraisal Services, LLC

“I was fortunate to meet up with Laurie about six years ago and I mentioned my need for assistance with my bookkeeping and record-keeping for our internet sales business. I was fortunate that Laurie was able to come on board and help me out.

Over time Laurie was able to take over our payroll and I was able to do away with the very large and unaffordable payroll company. Laurie has successfully managed this for several years now.
I would highly recommend Laurie if you are looking for a very ethical, caring, knowledgeable person for your business organizing, bookkeeping and payroll needs. She is not afraid to tell you what you need and what you need to do. Don’t make a mistake and pass up on her services!

If you are just starting out or way down the road and drowning, trying to keep up with all the record-keeping, get Laurie in there to set you up. Don’t make the common mistake of letting it all pile up. You will sleep better. Guaranteed.”

—Jack Murray,
JM & Associates.net

“After over 25 years in business, and many bookkeepers and accountants, we finally found the most knowledgeable, organized, personable, effective consultant with Laurie Davidian-Smith.
Laurie was able to organize the accounting for 3 of our businesses, and helped us setting up two additional businesses.

Both my wife and I highly recommend her to our friends and colleagues.”

—Rosario Minnocci
CT Espresso LLC
Davinci Group LLC
Avventura Meat & Deli, Inc.

“I have had the very fortunate chance of working with Laurie after her services were recommended to me five years ago. I own and manage a small manufacturing company with over 60 years of business under our belt. In all our years of business we had accumulated a vast array of bookkeeping mistakes, small in nature but – since compounded over time – very troublesome. I truly had no idea where to begin. I can assert with absolute conviction that Laurie’s guiding hand, masterful skill set, and relentless effort, is one of the main reasons we’re still in business after several tough years.

Beyond our initial need for crisis management, we’ve retained Laurie to help ensure best practice bookkeeping and periodic consulting. We’ve found the value added by her services to far exceed the cost and she offers many advantages over traditional accounting firms. The analytic power of well kept books and worry-free maintenance of our financial management have been excellent tools for growing our company.

It would be a mistake to not enlist Laurie Davidian-Smith.”

—Kyle Valerio, President
Perfection Screw & Rivet Company